Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elements of a Country French Home


 Old world houses long treasured by European families continue to inspire generations continue to inspire generations of gracious architecture and decor.  Mixing the best of the past with the modern conveniences results in homes where timeless architecture and comfort reign.

I love Country French design because I love the romance that France can bring. Since the 18th century France has been a must see stop on the world traveler. With its Joie de vie attitude shown in its incredible art, architecture, food, wine, incredible scenery and people who genuinely savor life what's not to love about the South of France.

The south of France, for me has got to be the most romantic place on earth. I toured from Nice to Monaco to Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape the one thing that I loved was the quiet elegance of the moment. They people without knowingly are elegant and know how to enjoy a meal. It is a moment of time to enjoy not a fast food experience. Let's bring some of those elegant elements into our home and maybe we could enjoy an elegant night with wine and cheese.

I love Nicole Kidman's house on Bewitched. It is the perfect example of Country French with all of it's built-ins to the reading nook to the arches. Let's take a look at the set.

This is the house that she doesn't even have to pay rent for as quoted by the movie. Notice the shape of the windows. They are arched with panes. The paint color is what I would call as French Vanilla. It has a whisper of yellow. I love the kitchen.

The walls are painted the same color but they are paneling that has been painted, so if you have a dark room with paneling here is a solution that will help you leave a very expensive point of interest in your home and add today's accents.


With the passing of the Great Joan Rivers. Her home in Connecticut was featured this week on Hooke On Houses. She has all of the other features of Country French.

Her walls are light in color with a over draped table in the center. Accents of gold and the Chandelier.

Natural stone on the fireplace and walls, chintz on the sofa which I must admit is a difficult fabric if you have children and animals. Chintz is a very delicate fabric which doesn't wear well in heavy traffic areas. Joan has it in her informal living room which probably doesn't have children. If you want to use Chintz in your design choose something like a table to dress. Chintz also is tres expensive. The use of dark woods and light walls is another feature of Country French.

Another look at her lovely room.

Feminine and elegant is the best way to describe this wonderful room. Canopy bed with pink fabric, if it was me I would use a gingham fabric with balloon shades. 

The Palace of Versailles is noted for it's hall of mirrors but it doesn't have anything on Joan. Here’s how it looked after they redesigned it, opening it up to let light in with antique mirrors and trompe l’oeil windows depicting the homes of family members and friends (including Prince Charles — yep,) They were friends. Look how beautiful the draped table looks with a huge fringe.


Chandelier again!!! Lot's of cooking ware exposed as though a Chef would have just grabbed a pot and started to cook.

 Cobalt blue and sun flower yellow makes this very informal but elegant dining room.

Another element to integrate into this equation.

Soulieado Fabric

 Souleiado designs are inspired by traditional "indienne" patterns that were first printed in the south of France in the mid seventeenth century. Exquisite prints on excellent quality cotton fabric. Souleiado no longer sells its fabric yardage, so what we have in stock is all we will receive, at least in the near future. We also have a limited number of Souleiado designs that were printed in Japan. Priced and sold by the yard. Use these as your color palette and as an accent. The fabric starts at $35.00 a yard.

Oh you need a rooster.

  A Bergere Chair.

Look for a used one. They can be costly.

Louis the XVI Chair

Different legs


Mix and match patterns

Color Palette

How to use it in your everyday life.

Until We Meet Again

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