Thursday, June 18, 2015

14 Front Porch Ideas

Summer is here and it's time to get out of the house, but I like the feel of my house, so, I decided that it would be great if I added curtains. Here is what I found.

I really like the knitted sofa cover. It is my guess that the sofa needed covered.

Looking at the big open back yards, the curtains would be the best duster. I would imagine that it can get windy.

This black and white porch is clean and crisp looking. Green helps to soften up the contrast between the black and white.

Your porch should reflect the interior of the house. A long long time ago, my husband and I had urges to move. We lived in the East Bay area of  San Fransisco. At that time, people were buying houses houses unseen. It would be listed in the morning and have several offers before lunch.

We found a house in the foothills, after contacting the Realtor, we were told about the other offers.  We decided that we should see the interior since the exterior was so beautiful. 

Now, the outside was a Half Timber Tudor style, 2 stories, pool and wonderful statues adorning the yard.
Finally after days of negotiations with the owners, we were finally signed up to view the interior. Well, the inside was ridiculous. It was flocked wall paper, maroon carpet, it was the darkest color of carpet and in bad shape. I really couldn't tell what was what because she had the heaviest maroon drapes, they were on the same level as black out drapes. Then we should address the paintings on the wall from the ceiling down to the carpet.. The only thing my ex-husband could think of was how many holes he needed to fill if we were to purchase the house.
And of course the Owner's suite was so outdated but the only thing I remember about the house, was the boudoir portrait of her in a sexy nightie, which she shouldn't be wearing in the first place. Hanging over the sofa in the formal living room. I couldn't believe my eyes. Speaking as a Realtor - take down all family photos for safety reasons. Plus you really want the buyers to see their selves in the house - not you. Also, it is distracting from the buyers experience in the home. That is a good example of the outside not revealing the interior.  I was very much disappointed. Oh, well - we did put an offer in but the owners who decided not to sell.

Don't be afraid to use color. These chairs are fabulous.

 Go to garages sales to find your furniture. I love the look but the hunt for these objects will be fun.

I love black and yellow together - tile on the floor. Remember what climate zone you reside. Tile needs the right sub-floor to exist. Without a strong sub-floor the tile could crack if something falls.

Area rugs can bring a lot of atmosphere to your porch. Make sure that it is an outdoor rug.

Add a chandelier to your design, in a design one often forgets the ceiling. Add a chandelier, it doesn't have to be electric or in working order. How about a using a kite or Oriental lanterns. 

Shabby Chic is still in vogue and fun. I can just imagine me reading on that sofa.

This porch speaks for itself. Wow!

Check out the bucket!

The cold ice tea got to me! 

Okay, a designer got a hold of this porch. I don't recommend bring out your good furniture and if this isn't their good furniture - well, I really want to see the house. How to translate this look for your porch. An unusual sofa or daybed could be used, have it reupholstered with outdoor fabric. One needs candles, lots of candles for that romantic ambiance .Link

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