Monday, August 8, 2016

How to have a spectacular vacation all year round!

After seeing these pictures you will understand why people find it so easy to stay in Bermuda.

This home is currently on the market for Bermudian and International Buyers so check it out all of you Millionaires. The house is called Old Battery.

I love the foot swimming pool

Notice the white roof. It is made out of limestone to wash the rainwater clean to be collected in the cisterns under the house because the island doesn't have public water. Either you catch the water from the roof or you buy the water from one of the suppliers.

The grass looks wonderful from here but they don't call it Bermuda grass for nothing. Bermuda grass is broad leafed, and water so called resistant. And it is hard and prickly on you bare feet. The soil contains a large amount of sand.

Cannon balls come separate.

Lying in bed listening to the waves crashing along the cliffs.

Beautiful view of the south shore.

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