Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rethink Flea Market Finds

1. I like this idea. I have done this in my home. Place a small but attractive picture in front of your bookshelves. I think that it makes them more interesting. In this picture they used an old refurbished frame with old family pictures. I love family pictures, everyone loves to look back on memories.

2. Elegant Dining by giving your place settings something to twinkle about--embellish chargers with vintage costume jewelry. Secure a piece or two of jewelry to the top of each charger with hot glue or metal glue. Jewelry items that lie flat work best, so look for pieces with metal backs that can be bent or easily removed with pliers or wire cutters. To complete the setting, use clip-on earrings to prop up place cards.

You don't have to use vintage, there are some great deals on statement jewelry at stores. So, shop around.

3. Improved bookshelves. I always thought that one could lay a bookshelf on its side and depending on its height one could make a dining room sideboard and display ones china, or in the mud room for boots and back backs. Here is an example of an elegant one.

Use different and unusual items to display--maybe something that you picked up at the flea market.

4. I love this room but more than look at I want this room but it is hard to find all of this great stuff on the second hand market. What the picture is showing is the trunk--I love the wicker settees and slouching pillows made out of flour sacks (which you can find on Etsy). There is either a daybed or a slider settee on one wall. I would be out there every afternoon taking a nap! But again they are talking about the trunk and I do the trunk.


5. I do like this idea--a vintage retail rack.

It will add interest to your kitchen.

6.Turn doors into furniture--This cleverly designed daybed was made using two matching full-size wooden doors. One door was cut in half vertically to form the two long sides; the other uncut door became the base for thecushion. Panels for the two short ends were constructed for this project, but they could be cut from a third door. After nailing the five sides together, add bun feet, prime, paint, and top with a ticking-stripe mattress.


7. Architectural Look. Find old Pediments ie this one, and repurpose it. 
I love this look with the bench underneath. 
8. Sometimes finding that odd piece just sets the room off!

Here the use of a vintage trophies and a vintage Barque statue add interest to the very white room. The room's furniture seems to be French with flowing curves and a dainty chair.

9. Sometimes flea market furniture has seen better days. Make sure that the furniture that you purchase is sturdy and worth the time that you will be putting in to refurbish it.


10. Need a painting--go to a second hand store or flea market. They are unusual and quite a conversational piece.


I love these ideas, they are within everyone's budget and one doesn't have to go to Ikea!

Until we meet again,


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