Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to start a Christmas Tradition that will be carried on for Years to Come!

I always wonder what a really great Christmas tradition would be, we did the Advent Calendar. We made way too many Christmas Cookies and Breads. I lost that tradition really quick, all it did was pack 10 lbs on me, plus I did all the work. Why! Stop the insanity! I finally found a tradition that the entire family could enjoy.

On Christmas Eve, the children's Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry would come over and spend the night. We had a big but casual dinner. When the children were small, somewhere in the 80's, one of our traditions was a Christmas Eve Party. 

The purpose was to settle the children down and they get to open a present early. At that time in their life, that was a big deal. I don't know about you but I love new PJ's and slippers and, so, do my kids. 

That evening we would gather around the tree to open the gifts. I would wrap them in different paper and ribbon, to make it a bit special. On the tag it would say "Do Not Open Until Dec 24th" "Thank You" I would make little notes on the tags which they never took notice but that is okay. 

Christmas PJ's are fun. You could buy the ugliest Christmas PJ's and they would love them. As a matter of fact--the uglier the better! Then the bath: I would give them the most relaxing bath in the history of baths with lots and lots of bubbles. My favorite bubble bath is Badedas Classic Vital Bad Bath Gel or Horse Chestnut. Don't worry about the name, is translated from German. It makes great bubbles. 

The Present Contained: 1 Pair of Christmas PJ's
                                  1 Christmas Mug
                                  1 Pair of Slippers
                                   and Bubble Bath

Then we all would camp out in front of our huge projection TV, so, you had to sit pretty far away to see the entire screen. There was a wood burning stove who hated me. The logs threaten to roll out of the fireplace and onto the carpet (before we moved it did and we got new carpet).  It was only me so when it came to my turn to stoke the fire. it seemed as though I always grew most tired and had to go to bed only to return after someone else accomplished the task. TeeHee!💖 After the extra long bath then quick into the new Christmas PJ's. They would grab their pillows and blankets then, off to family room to their awaiting Uncle Larry and Aunt Linda with popcorn, chips, hot cocoa and a movie! I always liked the movie It's a Charlie Brown Christmas followed by How The Grinch Stole Christmas the Cartoon. Then, Mom and Dad were in bed early! 

Now--my children have children of their own but they continue on with the tradition and it never fails. By the second movie, they are out like a light!
With vision of sugar plums dancing in their heads!

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