Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to have an" Island" Christmas

"How would you like to have Christmas on Christmas Island?" Asks Jimmy Buffet. 
If that is something that you would like to do this year let's see how you would go about it.

Let's take a page from Santa and go to the beach. My New Year's were always spent with my father in Bermuda when I was younger. So, let's go island "y". 

Grap your straw hat, surf board 
fuschia bikini and let's celebrate.

Use your imagination for your decorations.

And let's not forget that most important Christmas symbols. 
The tree with flip flops. ( I do love the flip flops )

This tree will do. But I would like some yellow pineapple ornaments on a pink tree.

This is about right.

Just right!

Outdoor Decorations

Palm Leaves

Just beautiful. 

Christmas is Christmas 
everyone likes to celebrate!
In style

Now if you are really in the Caribbean
you can have dessert here

At the beach!

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