Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's Christmas Tree Time

Hello again, it is 4 days from Christmas, and you all know what that means! You can go shopping and pick up your fantasy tree trimmings for 60-75% off. Here are some great ideas.

This wonderful tree is dressed with velvet black ribbon and golden  peach ornaments. Source

Close up.

Want to try something like this! Well, try it for less.

Always liked the look but didn't want to spend the money. Here is your chance. 

This is an expensive tree with the Hydrangeas and starfish, so, what ever you can do to reduce the price, like look for off green, silver, and gold ornaments now, for next year. 

I love this tree, it is very retro. I can just see it in a 1950's black and white film maybe "An Affair to Remember".

The ribbon resembles metal which gives me a Victorian touch. I love the boas giving it a mocked flocked appeal. 

Try a blue and silver tree. 
The unusual colors will be left 
and as you can see they can be fun!

Need a new tree! A lot of people put these trees in their children's rooms or use them as a theme. The gold ones, I have used them for Thanksgiving Trees.

You could put pictures of your children
 with Santa Claus over the years.

Notice the black ornaments. Different.

Pink and Green

You might want to try Poinsettias in your tree
or gold gilded ferns.

Very interesting.

I have yet to see an ugly tree!

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