Saturday, August 9, 2014

Have you ever Seen a Pink Dolphin?

A million years ago, marine life swam the oceans, rivers and seas alike. Unencumbered only Mother Nature and the next fish that was larger than them could be their demise. Meet the Amazon River Dolphin.At their largest the pink amazon river dolphin can grow to be over 8 ft. long (not common) and weigh up to 450 pounds.
On average males tend to grow between 5 – 6 1/2 ft. long, while females typically grow larger than their male counterparts measuring between 5 1/2 - 8 ft. long with both species generally weighing under 250 lbs. when fully matured.

The Earth is covered by 2/3 water. This water or bodies of water consist of 6 Oceans and 13 Seas and she nurtures billions of different marine life. It is our air conditioner. We need to take care of her or our life source will cease to be. Can you imagine being out on your boat and this magnificent majestic creature swam past your boat.

I grew up in Bermuda. I remember watching the whales pass. We never got close enough or lucky enough to get a close up but just knowing that they were free and apart of a plan.

I have never seen a pink dolphin, but it wouldn't be amazing to see one in their natural habitat?

 This is the way the oceans should be- man and marine life co-existing. We manage to kill over 100Million Sharks a year. First, I am sort of glad or we would be up to our asses in Sharks. But the Hammerhead Shark is endangered because of over fishing. Did you know that Orange Roughy is now not a sustainable fish. They have been over fished and now don't have the time to reproduce. There are list of Sustainable Fish. Fish that is alright for you to eat.

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