Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ron Howard's House

Ron Howard's mansion just sold for $27.5M. It is a total of 17,000sq ft. Just a small country retreat.

The home is situated on the banks of Converse Lake NY.

 The French Provencial style entry way

The dining room is adorned with the same Jean Zuber et Cie wallpaper, called "Views of North America," that Jacqueline Kennedy chose for the White House Diplomatic Reception Room

The property doesn't just have the most spectacular back yard- Converse Lake 
but it has a 2500sq ft guest house.

The guest house is decorated in the Craftsmans style. The Caftsman Furniture movement produced furniture that is distinctive in its design elements, and is not easily confused with other furniture styles. It exudeds a oneness with nature and an air of elegant simplicity. Many of our furniture pieces are constructed of solid quarter-swan oak. When you purchase from of our vast selection, whether it's an Craftsman dining set or Craftsman Morris Chair, you can rest assured that your investment will pay off for years to come. 

Notice the magnum of Champagne in the kitchen.
The indoor pool has sliding glass doors that can be thrown open in the summer, so you can "have your cake and eat it," Lurie said. The Howard family is redheaded, so "we don't need to bake in the sun," Howard told the Wall Street Journal.

I am never amazed at how much room people need to live. The house also boast of an indoors tennis court and a pub that would make anyone jealous. 

For more information on the house and more photo's just follow the link:  

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