Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bermuda, the Mystic Ocean

There is something about an angry sea. The energy and furry that Mother Nature unleashes with the water. This was one of my favorite times in Bermuda. As soon as the clouds would gather, the turquoise color of the seas would wash out to a gray on white tone
The silence of the water was now interrupted by swirling foaming water. The waves would mesmerize me. What a mystical ocean with intoxicating calls. No wonder sailors would hear legendary creatures calling to them. She would call to them and they would surrender to her. The Sirens of the seas.  

I know that this sounds silly, but I would wonder what the fish were doing. Being under water there is a peace, silence and now that is interrupted. Are they hiding or riding the current like a roller coaster.

Soon the storm would approach the beach and it was time to get on my moped and scurry home.  Wet and covered in salt water I would make my way up the cliffs. Don't tell on me but I would speed home. It was one thing to get splashed with the spray of the ocean. It is another thing to get pelted by rain drops. They aren't so gentle.

Until we meet again

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