Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 Bermuda From Space.

 Landing on the island alway reminded me of a box of pastel candies

I was lucky enough to grow up in Bermuda, I matured in the US, but Bermuda has my heart. Bermuda is an island 750 miles of the coast of North Carolina, it is governed by England. It is very much British. Tea is an envent not a just a time.

 There is no public water system, notice the roof, it is made out of limestone. It is stepped down to catch the rain water, (not ot mention no one drinks water unless it is bottled).

The island is 21 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, as you can imagine we need to be imaginative when it comes to transportation. There is only one car per family, so while Mom has the car. The rest of us travel on these.

One can only go 20 mph. but it seems faster, the roads are narrow and lined with coral. Oh! Did I mention that you drive on the left.
I grew up in this house, many moons ago. See the driveway. Try to go up that without getting caught on a moped! Thank goodness that my father was a sound sleeper. Then the house was called "The Pillars" evidently they have address. I did not know that but I was 16yrs. old.

I can just see my Dad jumping off the diving board yelling "Used Rum and Coke time!" We won't go into that but really that is the only thing (except the drive) that looks familiar.

And ofcourse the front yard, we would entertain there because of the view and the half Moon gate is a trademark of Bermuda. I have a picture of my Dad and I sitting in the yard just before guest came. I was 18 and I not anymore.

Until we meet again

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