Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Cup Match in Bermuda

 Get ready because the countdown has begun for the most festive, fun, and entertaining two-day holiday you’ll ever experience in Bermuda. Let me introduce you to my Cup Match Weekend.

It is a rivalry cricket match between St. George's and Somerset. There is no reason for the two teams to play. They didn't win the season like Super Bowl or anything. It's Bermewjan Gurrl. Okay try and say it with the worst British accent topped off with hillbilly American. I don't know how to describe the accent only that I revert back to it when I drink Dark and Stormys. I will explain later. Anyway it is being held in Sandys Parish at the Somerset Cricket Club.

The much anticipated holiday started this year on July 25 with a concert and will come to a close on August 5. It also celebrates Emancipation Day and Somer's Day, never heard of it but I found it on line so it must be true.

Fun fact: Because so many Bermudians “took off work” to attend Cup Match, in 1946 the government of Bermuda turned both days into a national public holiday!
We are starting the countdown to Cup Match: 55 days left! Cricket has been the national pastime since 1844 and our love for it still rivals all, especially during the summer. We will be hosting a Cup Match event in DC so stay tuned to our "Events in DC" board and our Facebook page and Twitter feed! More info on Cup Match can be found here:

People playing Cricket. It is sort of like baseball but not. They dress all in jumpers or vests and white pants as you can see. They play with a very hard red ball which they hit with a bat and they have to protect the wicket behind them. That is all I know.
Cup Match for most people consists of buying de cupmatch radio, de cupmatch outfit and de cupmatch food and go camping. The complete island is dotted with umbrella's and tents anywhere and everywhere.
For two days the island is shut down except for the Dockyard Pharmacy. Which as long as I can remember has always been open. And everywhere that you can buy food and alcohol are open. Like Christmas only hotter.
Well, you can attend the event at which time you will find Bermudians congregated around the tents of Anchors and Crown gambling games or eating conch stew or mussel pies. But for 15,000 other people they are camping, boating and swimming. Parties are many and endless. Most
Now for the Dark and Stormy. Strictly a Bermudian Drink consisting of Gosling's Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer. I really don't like Ginger Beer so I substitute it with Ginger Ale.
Culinary Word of the Day: Dark & Stormy   Needing a cocktail today? Go to Central Bistro and Bar and get their Dark & Stormy cocktail. The Dark & Stormy embodies two great tastes of the tropics that and is darker than most tropical drinks, but is just as refreshing. This classic highball is a brand-specific mixed drink that is a completely, some would say wrong, taste if anything other than Gosling's Black Seal rum and Saranac ginger beer.


See how it is dark at top like a storm and light at the bottom until you stir it. You can purchase Goslings Black Seal Rum in the states and for me it is the best rum and I have drank a lot of Rum in my lifetime.

Bermuda Longtail (White-tailed Tropicbird)
  Until we meet again,


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