Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your Decorator Book

 In a previous post I mentioned a Decorator Book. Have you watched HGTV. They have a sort of Story Board.  ♥ They post everything on this board down to the towels that they will use. They have a plan and this is what you are going to do. You are making a scrapbook of design.

Get a hard back notebook binder-you will have this for years (or until you take on another project).
Use very thick paper and have chapter. Living Room, Dining Room etc.

 Find your color. How to do this is go into your closet and find the color you wear the most. That is probably your color. Next what is the second most used color in your closet. That could be your accent color. Do you get what I mean.This is important because you might want to fight it but you will gravitate towards those colors but it may take you a long time with many mistakes.

Find your design style. Go into your closet again. How do you dress? Are you 'hip,' modern, classic or eclectic. Eclectic is my favorite design word because anything goes. HGTV defines eclectic as encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish.

This is a great example of Eclectic. We have modern table setting with a Moroccan hutch, the room has a modern and old world charm.  The picture comes from Mediterranean Dining Room by New York Media & Bloggers Artisan Books

Also when trying to figure out your very special style and now you are trying to find your inspiration room, take into consideration what the rooms use will be, dining, play room etc. It is amazing how many people have junk rooms in their houses. Also consider how you live: do you allow your dogs on the sofa? If so you might want to consider a multicolor sofa (it will hide a multitude of sin) or a slip cover that can be taken off and washed.

4. Take measurements of everything. The doors, windows, halls, door jams and anything that is stationary, example: staircase, built in bookshelves, fireplace. Hint: Go to BHG website. They have design tools to help you with furniture arrangement and size in a room to color. Most furniture store websites have design tools that one can use. 

List of room elements: Furniture size, style and patterns; Lighting; chandeliers, lamps, up lighting and down lighting. (a lot of people don't consider up lighting to accent a plant, statue or architectural feature) Paint is the most cost effective way to change a mood of a room but take a sample home to see the color in different lights. Architecture and trim; sometimes will dictate a style of the room. Only a ballsy person would place modern furniture in a Tudor style of room. Flooring; consider where you live: example carpeting in southern Florida will only mildew. So you might want to use a tile. Window Coverings; I love window and drapes. During the day the windows (at least for me) are Gods Pictures, a work of art. Make sure that your drapes don't overtake your room.

You have found everything that you like. Put everything in this book. From the color of the ceiling (yes, don't forget the ceiling) to your accent throw rug.

Don't worry about the price because in this world of international media I think that you could find a close replica that is in your price range.

Keep everything in your design book. This book will transcend from a wish book to your dream room. Start replaceing the pictures with swatches and samples of what is actually in the room Don't rely on pictures of the room because they can distort the color.

Also, a good store will have swatches that you can take home to see how the color will work in the room. Keep your book in your car. Follow your book you and you too can have a room of your dreams:

Be patient, don't be impulsive, trust me you will regret it and throw money down the drain.
Until we meet again


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