Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Trendy Color Palettes Inspired by Fall Florals + Produce

5 Trendy Color Palettes Inspired by Fall Florals + Produce

Some of fall's hottest hues are taupe, mustard, copper and forest green — all stunning colors you can find right in your own backyard. Take notice: The trend of the season is earth tones anchored by vibrant pops of color, all to make an incredible statement. Here, I dive into fall's most gorgeous floral and produce arrangements to find the best seasonal palettes perfect for fashion and home.

Shades of Pink

Photo: Heidi Geldhauser | Palette: Kayla Kitts

Green Scene

Photo: Marian Parsons | Palette: Kayla Kitts

Sherwin-Williams SW 6176 Liveable Green
Sherwin-Williams SW 6920 Center Stage
Sherwin-Williams SW 6446 Arugula

Fall Selects

Sherwin-Williams SW 6360 Folksy Gold
Sherwin-Williams SW 6356 Copper Mountain
Sherwin-Williams SW 6061 Tanbark

Rustic Mix

Palette: Kayla Kitts

Perfectly Neutral

Photo: Camille Styles | Palette: Kayla Kitts

Hint: If you want to update your look. Paint is a great way to go. From anywhere between $30-50 a gallon and a lot of elbow grease--you too can have a new look.

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