Monday, October 10, 2016

Houzz Tour: Artistic Balance for a Brooklyn Studio

People are going smaller. They would rather spend their money elsewhere or due to their location a larger space isn't financial feasible. This studio is located in Brooklyn, NY. where square footage comes at a premium. Let's see how they utilized a 400-square-foot studio apartment with textures and finishes to give depth and character.
 Balancing crisp white and warm wood, affordable basics and custom handmade pieces, and smooth and rough textures, the space offers great lessons on how to live in a small space, mix old and new, and give a home unique character and personality.


I love the way they used the beach theme and added Lathe boards as a room divider.

Studio: Bedroom

The lath panels were a great way to incorporate texture," Caleo adds. While they were not able to use reclaimed lath from downstairs (think messy old plaster dust and allergies), they gave the new unsanded pieces a weathered patina by coating them in a mix of water-thinned white primer and a little gray paintThe lath defines the bedroom nook, lets the light filter through and serves as a unique sculptural element that references the building's history.

Studio: Bedroom detail

How they added the lath:
  • The base is a bed from Ikea with large storage drawers underneath.
  • They attached vertical 2-by-4s to the bed frame with large screws, being careful not to screw into the drawer mechanism.
  • They created lath panels with 1-by-2 rails and wood lath cross pieces from a building supply store.
  • They attached the panels to the vertical 2-by-4s.
Studio: Living Room detail

Studio: Kitchen counter
Studio: Kitchen

Unfortunately the wood bar was made by the apartment owner who is a sculptor and furniture designer. You could contact the artist Karol and commission a unique piece for your home.

 As a designer, I look for a unique piece of furniture that will make the room. It could be a table or a vintage picture.

Studio: Bathroom

For about this studio and other small homes click here.

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