Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clever Toilet Paper Storage Part 1

I have this problem, I think that just about everyone has one of these.A bathroom that looks like an afterthought. Really it isn't the size of the bathroom that is the problem.It's the amount of the rolls of the toilet paper I buy!There is no room to store it. I have a pedestal sink--no storage there.

I decided to research my problem and found some great ideas. So, I thought 
that I would share the best ones with you.


Above doors and windows are wasted space. This is a great space for storage but keep it clean and neat. Also, figure out how you are going to get it down. It has to be accessible to those in need, after all, we don't always plan ahead in time of need. Make sure you have a plan B ready.


Some people are so clever. I love the idea but my WC is still too small.


Okay, I think that I have found the answer to my problem -- Wicker window boxes from Lowes. 


I think that we all have one of these also. An unused aquarium. It is perfect size to fit on the back of the toilet. 


Unknown Source- This shelf holds up to 30 rolls. I normally don't buy that much at one time.


Sleigh Storage Shelf. I like to use something unusual in my designs. I think that it makes it look homey.


Great idea but not a whole lot of character.


You can find these anywhere. Plus, the patterns for the holders can be found for sewing, crocheting, or knitting. 



Again, over the door. Don't forget the window. A shelf over the window for maybe a plant with a basket full of toilet paper.






This is from Europe. They are very ingenious when it comes to saving space.

15. I think that I have found the answer. My problem was no space in my bathroom for extra toilet paper storage. I think that I found the answer.

 I am thinking about screwing this onto the wall and filling it with toilet paper! I will be back with the final product. It may not work. It may not work and I might have to go with another look. Stay tuned!

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