Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Throw the Best Baby Shower

I am so excited, My daughter in law Natalie is having her fourth child and her first son! I am so excited. We decided to have the men and the children there (since all of the available babysitters are tied up that afternoon). Other than getting married having a baby is the second most exciting day in a woman's life so, I want the shower to be so special that Natalie will have a smile on her face until she has the baby.


1. Date. You need to tell the Mother to be the date  and coordinate so that we can invite the out of townees and people from work.

2. Party Place. So far, we have the entertainment room at an apartment complex at one of my other daughter in law's grandfather's place. It is really nice, it feels more like a living room with a fireplace and a kitchen.

Or, Someone suggested to hold the party at the favorite restaurant of the Mother-to-be. She can order her all of her favorite foods and no one has to clean up. 

3. Time We are having ours early afternoon. We have children ages ranging from 1 yrs old- 13 yrs old. And of course, it is on a Saturday so out of town guest can stay the night and visit with Mother to be.

4. The Theme. How about a bow tie? 

 As I was planning the decorations I decided to make them ones that the mother could use.  A Diaper Wreath that I am going use bow ties!

Although I am not sure if I am going to use fabric (I probably will) this is a great idea.

I could totally make that! I have been watching too much TV. I have been sick and not allowed out. 

 Although we don't know for sure Baby Andrew's name. My son's name is Scott Andrew. I am going to put out this sock tree with paper attached so everyone can make up a name and sign it.

 After lunch Natalie can read the names out loud. I am sure that they will be funny!

 I thought that this was such a cute gift. Just add a bow tie.

gift. This would be my idea of a great winter centerpiece .

5. Food. Keep it simple. I don't have all of the food picked out, I want to keep it finger food style. For instance:


gift. I wouldn't use Phyllo Dough. I would use burrito shells that were warmed so I could shape them into a muffin pan. Or maybe, wanton dough, then I would add the my meat and cheese and bake. I thought that I would have lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sour cream on the side.

 Food cont'd

Perfect for my family!


Yes! Pasta Salad-There will guest there so I thought using bow tie pasta would be appropriate, but I just love these stand up food labels that you can buy at Etsy. Source 

Can't have a party with out these! They are easy to make and the kids will love to make them! The baby's sisters will love to help. They are older in their teens so they will be big help! My daughter is picking up some items from a restaurant that we know that she likes. Fun!

 I love the bow ties. I hope that they will help with the bow tie napkins also. I will share pictures. 

5. Games Since we have children their I don't think that we will have any games. The last baby shower I went to we were all looking up the answers on our smart phones!

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